Ansible / Python Cross vcenter clone

During the process of automating VMware template creation, I came across a requirement to clone said templates to different vcenters. After checking out the ansible vmware modules, the vmware REST API documentation, I found that there was no out of box solution to clone to different vcenters. After doing a bit of research, I was … Continue reading Ansible / Python Cross vcenter clone

Generate SSH Keys

I created a simple play to help a non linux team to be able to generate ssh keys on demand. The playbook requires the var email to be set, once done the playbook generates public/private ssh keypair, then emails the contents of the keys to the specified email address. Finally the playbook deletes the generated … Continue reading Generate SSH Keys

Add a volume to an Openstack Instance

Summary As a follow on to a similar post regarding vmware disks , this post will focus on a playbook to attach extra volumes to an Openstack instance. Requirements An account with appropriate access to add volumes in OSP.A valid instance.Enough resources to handle the new volumes. Get 'er done! The playbook requires an instance … Continue reading Add a volume to an Openstack Instance